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1. Current line up?

Mark Lawson - Lead vocals, guitars

Richy Corbishley - Lead guitar, backing vocals

Paul Kennedy - Bass guitar

Jon Kennedy - Drums

2. How did The Honest Johns come about?

Most went to school together but played in 'rival' bands.  Mark managed to persuade Richy and Jon to back him at a local church hall type disco.  That was the first time Mark had sang his own songs live.  They went down a treat and ultimately left their respective bands and started playing together.  

3.  Where did the name The Honest Johns come from?

The name actually came from a horse racing computer game where one of the bookies was called Honest John, simple as that.  One review for the EP had a journalist making a big thing about the fact the songs were all written around real life experiences and how 'honest' the band were but that was all bollocks, the name never had any deep meaning to it.

4. How close did the band come to signing a major deal back in the 80's?

Pretty close.  The band generated a lot of interest and met with some influential people from all parts of the industry, at one stage it just seemed a matter of time.  

5. How did the band get back together?

A combination of circumstances, the main one was Firestation Records releasing Meteor but another would be all of the band living back in Newcastle for the first time in a few years.

6. How did Firestation Records get involved?

Firestation Records were sent a selection of demos and recordings for them to choose one for the popular Leamington Spa compilation CD.  After they chose the track Judas In Me Singing they contacted us again to say they were impressed with the CD as a whole and wanted to release an Honest Johns CD.

7. How many records\CD’s have the Honest Johns made?

The first release was an old 7” Single in 1986, it was a double A side -  Grandfather of Gold and Sunday City Misery.  Shortly after that a distribution company paid for two more recordings and released it as o a 4 track 12” EP under the title Tell Me About Your Childhood.  The extra tracks to go with Grandfather of Gold and and Sunday City Misery were Wigwam and Winding Road.

A long time later (2005) German record company, Firestation records, released a CD of demo recordings made between 1986-1990 under the title Meteor.

The next release was in 2007 and was a CD of completely new material, Songwriters of the North.

The Honest Johns 3rd Album, Sundance, was released in 2010, and along with Songwriters of the North is available on iTunes and Spotify



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