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Tell Me About Your Childhood EP, Minehead Records, MHMAX1, 1986 

In 1986 The Honest Johns released a 7" single on Newcastle label Minehead Records, the single featured 2 tracks, Grandfather of Gold and Sunday City Misery.  A distribution deal was signed with Red Rhino who suggested adding more songs to make the 7" into a 12" EP.  Two extra tracks were added, Winding Road and Wigwam, and the EP was released under the title ‘Tell Me About Your Childhood’.  Copies of the 12” can still be regularly found selling on ebay, albeit at much higher  prices than being offered from this web-site.

1. Grandfather of Gold

2. Sunday City Misery

3. Wigwam

4. Winding Road

Record Mirror
The 12" EP adds two more tracks to their current single "Grandfather of Gold", a tribute to the older generation which possesses a wonderful harmonica intro reminiscent of The Bluebells or even The Beatles.  Guitars strum, bass bounces and Mark Lawson delivers his tale with much aplomb. 

Paint it Red
Grandfather is a poignant, catchy strum-a-long which appeals due to its simplicity and mood, because it tells a story, and because it puts over a point of view, a sadly rare occurrence in the "ooh-ee baby, let's get it on" world of pop these days.  The b-side "Sunday City Misery" is a wistful ditty about a day at the coast, laced with humour and friendship, and an ideal song to coincide with the weather we're having.  Proof that good records are still being made and you don't have to go far to find them.

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Tell me about your childhood